Informative Videos and Information

  • Protein Intake for Optimal Health and Performance

    Posted September 3, 2019 by kyleevanhorn

    By: Kylee Van Horn, RDN

    You’ve probably heard it in the media one too many times—protein, protein, protein! While protein may seem overhyped to some, the reality is that for certain populations, protein is a critical part of their diet.  Not meeting protein needs can affect their ability to be…

  • Nutrition and Exercise

    Posted June 12, 2019 by Shawn Brugge

    Having trouble with controlling your diet or maintaining your ideal weight? Check out our Nutrition Blog to learn more about healthy styles of eating and other healthy recipes.

  • Behavioral Health

    Posted June 12, 2019 by Shawn Brugge

    Curious about different strategies and techniques to better your mental health? Take a look at our Behavioral Health Blog for more information.

  • Chronic Disease or Cancer

    Posted June 12, 2019 by Shawn Brugge

    Facing a rough time managing a Chronic Disease or Cancer? Learn about different strategies to manage your Chronic Disease by clicking the ‘learn more’ link below.

  • Women's Health Information

    Posted June 12, 2019 by Shawn Brugge

    Need more information about women’s reproductive health? Check out the following links to learn more about sex education and birth control strategies.