Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus):


Update 05/12/2020:

The New York Times (5/4, Kaplan) reports the FDA “announced on Monday that companies selling coronavirus antibody tests must submit data proving accuracy within the next 10 days or face removal from the market.” While the tests aim to determine whether a person has been previously infected by the coronavirus, there has been widespread variation in results, and “since mid-March, the agency has permitted dozens of manufacturers to sell the tests without providing evidence that they are accurate.”

This means: Blood antibody tests that we all read about are NOT that good at telling us if we have been infected with COVID. As a result of the hype around the ‘anti-bodies’ against COVID-19, people are starting to ignore the recommendations of wearing a mask in public, social distancing, amongst others. The FDA, AMA, and AP, are all recommending physicians to limit their use of antibody tests. This is in direct correlation to the unknowns of the antibody tests, these tests are still very new and very unreliable. When someone tests positive for any test (anti-body/ other), that does NOT mean that they have had COVID-19, again these tests are very untrustworthy. PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON ANTIBODY TESTS TO GUIDE YOUR DAILY ACTIVITIES SURROUNDING YOUR PROTECTION FROM COVID-19. 

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-Feeling sick or concerned about the Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Here is a pamphlet that might help differentiate the symptoms of a common cold, allergies, the flu, and Coronavirus. 

Spanish Version:
Colorado Drug Card – Symptoms of Coronavirus Flyer – Spanish

Below is a guide to assist patients with possible Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms: