MidValley Family Practice Selected as Rural Rotation Training Site

FootSteps Marketing - Monday, March 17, 2014

The Colorado Commission on Family Medicine (COFM) added MidValley Family Practice, owned by Glenn Kotz, MD and located at 1450 E. Valley Road, Unit 102, in Basalt, to the select group of eleven rural rotation sites in the state, where family medicine resident doctors can complete a required, one- month rural practice experience during their three-year residency training. Representatives of the Commission visited Basalt to review this site and concluded Dr Kotz and his practice would offer excellent training for family medicine residents. Physicians will begin training in Basalt July 2014. Colorado family medicine residencies graduate 68 family physicians a year, and 68% of the graduates (2013) stay in Colorado to practice.

About the Commission on Family Medicine

  • Established by Colorado legislature in 1977, the mission is to address the health care needs of the people of Colorado through the education of family physicians and the promotion of patient centered primary care
  • COFM requires a rural rotation experience in one of several select communities
  • COFM advocates for and educates citizens about Colorado’s nine family medicine residencies
  • A major goal is to recruit residents and retain graduates to help meet the state’s need for primary care physicians, especially in rural and underserved areas
  • Members include citizen appointees of the Governor from Colorado’s seven congressional districts, program directors from the nine residency programs, a representative from the
  • Colorado Academy of Family Physicians, and Deans of the University of Colorado School of
  • Medicine and Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

General information regarding training of physicians:

  • Residency training, also known as Graduate Medical Education (GME), prepares physicians for the independent practice of medicine
  • Medical students, during their fourth year, submit applications and interview to be accepted into a residency program; residency training is separate from medical school
  • Residency training is required of all medical specialties for board certification
  • The length of residency depends on the medical specialty; for primary care specialties (family medicine, general pediatrics, general internal medicine), residency training is 3 years

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